Thursday, January 12, 2012

Entry Hallway Redo...Number Four

My entry has been through a few different changes ...and I am happy to say that it will most likely happen again and again. My husband jokes that we are loosing square footage due to all of the painting that I do...adding one more coat on top of the next! Oh well, you have to paint when the mood strikes you and when a paint color can put a smile on your face...I am all about that!!!

 Entry incarnation # 2 (I do not have photos of #1)
There have been a few different transformations of color that the entry has been through. I LOVE the color green, so I felt the need to paint the entry a sage tone with white accents. I have been loving white accents for the past two years it seems. I had also been loving fabrics with stripes and greens and blues in different hues and I was all about the black and white photos, especially with my kiddos in them!

 Incarnation # 3
I started to notice other blogs and wanted to add some blues in my house...before this I was all about different shades of green, so blue was a new challenge for me to decorate with (there have been some misses). The bench is a hand me down from my parents that I painted white, the mirror is also a hand me down and the frames are ones that I have had forever, they were black and I painted them white. My ultimate thought with the bench was that I was going to one day make bench cushions...but that never happened! 


 Incarnation # 4 - My favorite so far! 
I moved the bench outside and brought in my handy and trustworthy Pier One console table from a million year ago. It is a great shape and size for our entry, it is a small entry and the half round shape of the table is a prefect fit. I kept my mirror and white frames, but added some AMAZING new photos of the kiddos that a wonderful photographer by the name of Tanya Smith did for us before the winter holiday...LOVE LOVE LOVE her work! The wall color is the same as the last incarnation and really works with the color in the photography - a soft and subtle contrast. Pulled out one of my favorite water pitchers and put some super cute faux pink blossom flowers I found at Joannes last week. I also put some additional family photos (frames were on clearance and I painted the white one)  with some IKEA vases I picked up a few years ago. 

I love the fresh feeling that the entry gives right now. I always walk by it and smile. I love seeing beautiful photography of the kids looking back at me, the fresh and soothing blue color of the walls and the pretty pink blossoms that pop in front of the soothing wall color! I am so excited for the spring time and this little area is getting me ready! How about you???

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