Thursday, January 5, 2012

{Projects, projects, projects} are a few little projects going on around the house!!! 

To start off - I am working on organizing, designing and implementing a much more attractive and functional front living room which is also our office space for the hubby and me. One of the first things that I have done is taken of the frames that we have around the house and made a gallery wall of challenge is to paint all the frames black and select some new photographs of some of our favorite vacations (not sure if I am going to do color photos, manipulated color photos or black and white (what do you think)? ...One wall is currently a soft I think ALL the walls will be painted that color as well...More to come!!!

This is my current office chair - a damaged chair from a past design project...just love it because it was FREE (kind of), has a really cool zebra wood affect on the back and the arms and I love the modern square arms on it too! I just need to find a fabric that I LOVE and then I must upholster it! (I currently have a piece of wood as the seat...not even secured...but it sure is comfy)!


Lastly...this is another little project that I have been working on - a sideboard for our kitchen/dining area. Will be housing our current microwave and hopefully give us a little more storage! Just need to put it together...paint it, stain it and figure out if it will
really be functional!!!

So many little time...and so many ideas for other areas of the house that I want to work on too!!! Did I mention that I found new fabric for both kiddos rooms???

Next week I am going to share a tutorial on DIY burlap artwork and share with you the recipe tab of our family binder!!! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

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