Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Morning Fun....

Our routine has changed a little in the past month on Mondays. Now that Rob is working Monday-Friday... woo hoo. Monday has become a day to get housework started and possibly done. To get ready for the week and have some fun time with the kiddos. Here is our Monday morning sans (with) photos....

Muck boots and chalk

 Blowing bubbles


Cleaner patio and new succulents to show off on our outdoor coffee table

 Art time...

Roses from the garden

Attempting to make fruit roll ups

Nice morning! One of the best parts about Mondays is that we hang out in our jammies in the we can just hang out and have fun. The kiddos napping and now I can get some work on the computer done...maybe :)

Happy Monday!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Favorites at Four

Awhile back I saw this idea on Pinterest and it made my heart MELT...

 Since Pinterest has been around it seems there have been variations of this idea and I loved the idea of creating something like it with my children. Since mine are not in grade school yet, I decided on the next best thing, which would be to do it on their birthdays each year (I had also seen this on Pinterest, but it has since been removed).

So, now that my oldest, Karis, turned four this year, I knew that this would be the perfect year to get this project started...

LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!!!

And this is how I did it. I took an old vintage chair of my grandmothers and put it in front of one of our only trees in the back yard. A pomegranate tree that my husbands grandparents gave to us when we bought our home. Her outfit was her birthday outfit - cute little madras capris, green top and a Sprinklings beaded necklace and hair accessory from my little shop. The polka dot boots are her current accessory she will not go anywhere without. She was actually wearing them before I took them off her for this photo, so I thought they would be super cute in the photo.

I  took about 20 photos of her at about 6:00 at night and finally settled on this photo for her "Favorites at Four" photo. I sat down and played with the color in Photoshop and then had her sit with me and answer a few questions. It was so fun to do this with her, a special little tradition that I hope to continue with her until she is 18, 25, 35, 45 or 60!

It was a great project and will go perfect in the little scrapbook that I picked up at Joanne's last weekend.

Aside from this being a great start to a memory book for her, another great part is that since the little photo sessions turned out so well, I was able to take the images  to create a triptych of some of her expressions that I plan to print out and display in our home and a thank you card that I can send out to everyone that came to her birthday party.

So far loving the fours...a little dramatic at times...but I have to remember she is a little lady and taking in so much every day!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Color Fun

I found this gorgeous photo via Pinterest yesterday....

Via Pinterest
I love the vibrant mustard yellows, turquoise and how it is complimented by the cocoa brown and ivory white background. The context of the photo is genius...I wish I could crochet like that. This photo has inspired my "April Color Fun", which I hope to bring into my graphics - custom logos, invites and artwork...and not to mention the re-branding of Everything Modern Designs...stay tuned...

Happy April...we are close to the middle and there is so much fun in store!!!