Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Favors.....

Woohoo!!! Valentine's Day is on Friday! 
Love is in the air!!! 
I LOVE Pinterest for all of the inspiration for Valentine's decor, favors and food...don't you?

Speaking of favors..with two in school, one in kindergarten and one in preschool, I needed to come up with a cute and affordable idea for 43 valentines!!!! Wowzers!!! 

So this is what I did...glow stick bracelets in the dollar section at Target - 15 for $1.00. Created a little Valentine in Illustrator (5 Valentine's per page) and sent to print at Office Depot for a cost of $7.00 and some change...$10.00 for 43 Valentine's!!!

I am super happy with the way that they turned out, having a spot for each of the kids to write their names on their own valentines AND a cute little non sugary treat for the kids to enjoy on the special love day! 

If you want the FREE printable just click on the link and have printed on your home computer or local print shop. Cute them, punch holes in the top and bottom and put glow stick through holes. 

Easy Peasy.......

Have a wonderful LOVE day! Love and share the day with the ones that mean the most to you! 

Have a fabby day!

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